7 games to play for free over the May weekend, including two popular strategies and an excellent city builder

10 Beth 2024, 22:13

This weekend you’ll be able to play seven productions for free. These games include Crusader Kings 3, Company of Heroes 3, and Crime Boss: Rockay City.

Image source: Company of Heroes 3


There is no shortage of free games. So we looked again at the offers on digital distribution stores and prepared a list of these products You can test it this weekend for free or set it permanently for your accounts.

attention: Some of the promotions below are time-limited, so some offers may be out of date (depending on when you watch them).

free games

Legendary Games Store

Electronic circus

Electronic circus It is a turn-based RPG with elements of economic strategy. During the game, we control a circus troupe living in London, which is suffering from an epidemic.

  1. Average rating on Metacritic.com: 70%
  2. measuring: 5 GB
  3. Language version: English

Free weekends


Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III It is the third part of the popular strategy game series from Paradox Interactive. During the game, we become the head of a medieval dynasty.

  1. Average rating on Metacritic.com: 91%
  2. measuring: 8 GB
  3. Language version: English

Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 It is another part of the famous series of strategies developed during World War II.

  1. Average rating on Metacritic.com: 81%
  2. measuring: 40 GB
  3. Language version: Poland


Xbox Game Pass Core and Ultimate subscription holders can test the following products.

Crime Boss: Rokai City

Crime Boss: Rockay City is a production inspired by classic action movies. The goal of the game is to control the title city.

  1. Average rating on Metacritic.com: 52%
  2. measuring: 76 GB
  3. Language version: English

from space

From Space is a twin-stick shooter set in a sci-fi setting. The entire game is based on fighting hordes of aliens.

  1. Average positive ratings on Steam: 67%
  2. measuring: 8 GB
  3. Language version: Poland

Cities: Skylines – Remastered

Cities: Skylines – Remastered is an updated version of the popular city building game in which we play the role of the mayor of a modern city.

  1. Average rating on Metacritic.com: 85%
  2. measuring: 18 GB
  3. Language version: English

All platforms

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 It is a popular online FPS game in a sci-fi environment. This title is available in a free-to-play model, but as part of the giveaway, you’ll get access to three paid expansions – Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and The Witch Queen.

  1. Average rating on Metacritic.com: 83%
  2. Language version: Poland

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