Without CEEB permit, you won't buy eco-friendly pea charcoal or charcoal cheaper than PGG

Prices for environmentally friendly coal and charcoal in the PGG store are three times lower than the generally available packaged products, the price of which is already more than 3,000 PLN. Polish zloty per ton. The only problem for customers who want to buy PGG products is the lack of goods in their online store. PGG suggested when it would be easier to buy ecological pea charcoal or charcoal at a lower price.

  • Prices for packaged coal and environmentally friendly coal exceed quantities of up to 3,200 PLN.
  • Cheaper You can buy charcoal and pea charcoal among others in the online PGG store, where the prices of packaged charcoal and eco-friendly charcoal are three times lower than what is generally available in the market.
  • The biggest problem of buying cheaper eco-friendly charcoal or charcoal from PGG online store is the inability to login/register and lack of goods due to the great interest in these products.
  • Without a CEEB permit, you cannot buy cheaper eco-friendly charcoal or charcoal on the PGG website.

If you want to buy cheaper eco-friendly charcoal or charcoal while trying to register or log into the PGG online store, you will most likely come across this picture.

Our editorial desk tried to register/check in to the PGG store at 10:00 am and they were also greeted with the photo below. In contrast, around 11:00 AM it was no longer possible to enter the PGG Store website.

This offer is often seen by potential consumers who want to buy charcoal or eco-charcoal 3 times cheaper than the PGG online store. Source: PGG

This offer is often seen by potential consumers who want to buy charcoal or eco-charcoal 3 times cheaper than the PGG online store. Source: PGG

Prices for pea charcoal and bagged charcoal per ton range from 800-1100 PLN per ton in the PGG store, while other companies on the market offer similar products three times more expensive, that is, up to 3200 PLN per ton.

Unfortunately, the interest is so great that buying ecological pea charcoal or charcoal in the PGG online store is almost a miracle. Most of the merchandise shown, packed there, has a “no merchandise” status.

When do you have the best chance of buying eco-pea charcoal or charcoal from PGG?

So the editors of the Spider’s Network decided to contact some PGG points of sale and received information there that we have the best chance of buying cheap pea charcoal for only one hour.

The open hour window, which gives you a chance to buy coal, is between 18:00 and 19:00. Unfortunately, this does not mean that you will be able to order the goods and buy cheaper or environmentally friendly coal. It must be remembered that great interest in cheap PGG products makes it very difficult to make a successful purchase from PGG warehouses.

You cannot buy charcoal from PGG without a CEEB permit

However, if you manage to register and log into the PGG Store, then another unpleasant surprise may await you.

As an expert from JakiEkogroszek.pl told us, in the changing regulations of the PGG store, the changes mainly relate to the CEEB announcement. Without this declaration, we would not receive coal, even if we could place an order.

In the fourth point of the new regulations, a sub-point has been added stating that PGG requires a document confirming the source of combustion. In accordance with the new PGG regulations, this document will be carefully checked.

As stated by expert JakiEkogroszek.pl, the CEEB declaration must be delivered no later than the day the coal was collected. For this purpose, a hard copy with ID or a copy from the appropriate office is sufficient.

As the expert JakiEkogroszek.pl adds, a new sub-point has been added in paragraph 7, according to which, also when purchasing with the courier option, a CEEB declaration must be submitted. Until now, this requirement has been applied to coal sold in large quantities.


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