Ukraine will receive the Patriot system from the USA.  Media: It will be transferred from Poland

As the newspaper wrote, Biden made the decision after “a series of high-level meetings and internal debate” about how to meet Ukraine’s air defense needs without jeopardizing American combat readiness.

In the end it was decided The order will be transported from PolandWhere – as the newspaper claims – “She protected a rotating force of American soldiers returning to the United States“.

It is unclear whether this is a return to the current rotation of soldiers. The National Security Council spokesman was asked about this John Kirby refused to confirm these reports.

The New York Times reported this The main problem for the administration was choosing where to send the system to Ukraine. Because they need it, among other things. American forces in the Middle East, and The Pentagon did not want to transfer those deployed in America.

The matter is scheduled to be discussed during a meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels next week.

War in Ukraine. The United States encourages other countries

So far, the United States has sent one Patriot system to Ukraine, as have Germany and the Netherlands. However, German Chancellor Olaf Schulz announced the sending of another plane, scheduled to be delivered to Ukraine by the end of June.

Washington hopes that this announcement will happen It will inspire other countries to take similar actions, because air defense has long been one of Ukraine’s most urgent needs. Pentagon Secretary Lloyd Austin has spoken openly about the fact that the United States is in talks to persuade other countries to donate their systems to Ukraine.

This was said by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Ukraine needs at least seven additional batteries to protect its cities and infrastructure from Russian bombing.

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Gaukowski: There have been several major cyberattacks, but they have not been successful/Polsat News/Polsat News

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