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The four-time Polish champion returned to Ekstraklasa after eight years. After the financial meltdown in 2015, he started in the fourth league. The driving force was the opening of the new stadium two years later. The #KarnetnaWidzew event surprised everyone then.

Former coaches, football players, politicians, and actors helped with the promotion. In the third league, fans bought more than 15,000 of them. It was already a Polish record at the time. In the following years, Widzew’s fans increased even more – to 16401.

After upgrading to the league, this number will no longer be available. Due to the need to ensure security on the guest sector sides, larger buffers must be maintained. masses he seesSo there were other records to be broken.

One of them was the number of tickets purchased during a day. To date, the number was 3320 pieces. They needed less than 20 hours to reach this level. In the end, they purchased 4,073 of them within 24 hours.

“19 hours and 32 minutes – that was all we needed to break the daily record for tickets sold. Hey Ekstraklasa, we hope you’re ready for us” – Matthews Drodo, Widzew President, wrote on Twitter.

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