The world has been deceived.  The whole truth about the playground made of containers.  Fake news alert M¦

974 – is the area code for Qatar. This is also the number of containers from which the stadium was built 974 a year ago, as Polish representation He played two matches in the World Cup. Against Mexico (0: 0) and Argentina (0: 2). The fate of this facility was decided even before the World Cup, because stadium 974 has a capacity of 44 thousand. The spectators and behind them – as the Qataris convince us – the most beautiful beach in the city, which was to be dismantled and sold. Well, you would, but not now. For now, it stands up and works just fine, as you can see in the video below.

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How about a container playground? The whole truth about Object 974 in Qatar

“Please let me in.” Scenes in the resort of Argentina. mockery of Messi

Who will buy Stadium 974? Uruguay, which wants to host the World Cup with Argentina, Chile and Paraguay within eight years, has been the most discussed lately. But the Kosovo authorities are also interested – a predominantly Muslim country, culturally closer to Qatar, but also less developed, which does not have a single football facility of this category.

Next is the grass.

The location of the containers that will be used to reconstruct the World Cup stadium has not been specified. But there is still time to make a decision, because contrary to what the world media writes – which now use images from the construction of the stadium, and not from its demolition – excavators, bulldozers and other heavy equipment have not yet entered the 974. The only thing that has been removed so far is the FIFA branding, i.e. the colored sheets that were attached to the structure of the stadium. Kiosks, press outlets and restaurants are also being dismantled, but not in the stadium itself, but around it.

“Next in line is the lawn,” we hear from a security guard perched on a white lawn chair and guarding the entrance to the facility. Inside – in a large square under the stadium – workers and cleaning services roam. There are two trucks with trailers and several forklifts. However, all of the containers that make up the stadium are still in place. These stands will be full. Maybe not quite, but they will be full – the security guard assures us and adds that a fashion show will be planned here in the coming days.

Yacht of one of the Russian oligarchs in QatarStop. Photography is not permitted here. This is how the Russian oligarch is having fun at the World Cup in Qatar [WIDEO]

Qatar Fashion United – as that is the name of the event – will take place on December 16, one day before the third-place match and two days before the World Cup final. The organizers promise that it will not only be a celebration of fashion, but also of culture, music and sports. More than 150 designers and the most famous brands from six continents will present themselves at the Qatar Fashion Federation. Income from the event for which the most expensive tickets cost 3.5 thousand. It is donated (about PLN 4.2 thousand) to the education of the poorest children in the world.

This will be the last event at Stadium 974 – at least the event in Doha – where except Polish matches Portugal – Ghana (3: 2), France – Denmark (2: 1), Brazil – Switzerland (1: 0), Serbia – Switzerland (2: 3) and Brazil – South Korea (4: 1) also held the World Cup).

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