June 8, 2023


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The rest 2 impresses with its graphics. Shooter and RPG fusion for PS5, XSX and PC with a global presentation

The Remnant 2 looks great in action. The authors recently boasted about locations from this production for PS5, XSX and PC, which we will play in the summer of 2023. This time, Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games offer new sides of the “soul shooter” universe.

Gunfire Games brought us video footage of mysterious creatures called Fae and the places they inhabit. It’s also worth watching another video from two weeks ago. This is evidence of the possibility of an archetype of a character called the Wizard, who uses the help of a dog in battles.

When it comes to locations in Remnant 2, it’s worth remembering that most of the locations here will be procedurally generated. You can already see that the developers have done a lot of work on this aspect of the game than in the first part, because the locations look much more diverse and interesting. In the meantime, take a look at the previous video from Remnant 2, where we took a look at the locations from the sequel Remnant: Frome the Ashes. In turn, in this place you will find 9 minutes of gameplay, offering mainly cooperation to three players.

Unfortunately, the exact release date of Remnant 2 has not been announced by Gearbox Publishing. The publisher only announces that we will be playing the title in the summer months of 2023.

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