The PS VR2 has not received backwards compatibility and porting is “difficult”.  Sony explains the situation

Sony doesn’t have the best information for gamers hoping that many developers will opt for free ports of PlayStation VR games to PlayStation VR 2. The manufacturer didn’t care about backwards compatibility, and creating new versions is expected to take a lot of time.

PlayStation VR 2 will debut in early 2023 and will be a fully next-generation hardware developed for the PlayStation 5. The company wants to focus only on the latest games, which can ultimately be a huge headache for gamers and developers.

Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President of Platform Experience at Sony, confirmed this in a recent interview with Famitsu The technology used in PS VR2 will make it difficult to port games. The Japanese do not intend to require developers to develop new versions of previously released titles, as it would be a time-consuming process.

This time, in addition to tracking the new controller, we have adopted a rendering method called ‘foveate rendering’ which increases the precision of parts. [gry]on which the eyes focus. The system itself is very different from the previous model, and it won’t be a simple porting task. “

A Sony representative stressed that a lot still depends on the games themselves, but that creators should show that they are willing to develop their products for PlayStation VR 2. Some elements (such as the Moss series) will go to PS VR2, but we shouldn’t expect free updates.

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