Every responsible inhabitant of Finland pays tax so that the country can progress and aids society in proper functioning. If you have some confusion about taxes then take the assistance of finance companies in Finland. There is no way to dodge the tax system, when you are living in Finland and earning there then you must pay the tax to enjoy a booming and stable living. Though the local inhabitants know everything about tax, foreigners need clarity and want to know which banks are best if they need some financial assistance. Foreigners and even local people can know about varied banks through reviewsbird.fi and can evaluate them based on consumer ratings.

Tax on local residents

The local residents pay taxes based on their overall income coming from even abroad as well. Attained income obtained by locals is taxed at an advanced tax percentage for federal tax goals and at a balanced tax percentage for social security and church (municipal) tax objectives. You have to pay tax on investment (capital) at a rate of 34% when your yearly taxable money surpasses Euro thirty thousand and 30% when it is less than this amount.

Necessary taxes

People pay municipal tax on their taxable income specified for such taxation at flat rates. The percentage goes from 16.50% to 23.50% based on the township. Varied forms of tax that people pay are church tax (paid by orthodox and Evangelical Lutheran members) at flat rates determined for local taxation. The taxation concerning public broadcasting is also charged on taxable income at a rate of 2.5% on yearly earnings surpassing Euro fourteen thousand and if some citizen earns less than or exactly equal to this amount then they won’t be charged this tax.

Taxes on foreign people

If someone works periodically in Finland and is a foreigner then he will pay the tax income generated through only Finish sources. The tax concentration on dividends is 30% and you will be charged 35% on income earned through employment. However, foreigners can also request authorities to charge them tax based on their income gained in Finland by tax review method rather than bounded tax origin and this option can only be used by European members or people of countries having the contract signed with Finland.

Getting information

Getting information regarding tax is not hard in this technological time when everyone uses smartphones. So if you want to obtain information regarding any kind of tax you can call directly to Finnish tax handling departments. Besides that, the banks and the national authority responsible for managing tax now have introduced apps through which they can check tax rates and other relevant information. Other options can be sending formalized emails to authorities demanding details regarding the taxation process and then they respond by answering your concerns.


When you use public property or resources then you are liable to responsibly pay the tax and you cannot escape from this. Therefore, know what taxes are applicable to you and pay them timely.

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