The biggest buzz in el.  LKE direct from Liechtenstein.  Historical success of PiK NON

The FC Vaduz team has been delighting fans all over Europe for several weeks. The club, out of less than 40,000 Liechtensteins, eliminated Turkey’s KonyasporAnd in the decisive qualifying round for the England Championship, he dealt with Rapid Vienna. A week ago at home, Vaduz drew 1-1 with their favorite opponent. In the rematch, he caused a sensation and won 1-0.

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Lewandowski is really charming. groan the stadium [SPORT.PL LIVE #31]

Historic football day in Liechtenstein. FC Vaduz advances to the group stage of the English Premier League

To everyone’s surprise, in the 22nd minute, the guests took the lead thanks to a hit from Tonahan Cicek. And he took advantage of a disastrous mistake made by the Austrian defenders, who did not cut the pass into their own penalty area in time. Cicek grabbed the stray ball and with a sure kick to the crossbar gave his team the lead.

The pace, instead of trying to compensate for the losses, made the situation more complicated in the 35th minute. Then Kevin Wimmer looked at the red card and had to leave the field. The weak Austrians for the rest of the match were searching in vain for an equaliser and Vaduz will play in the group stage of the European Conference League.

Lich has been upgraded from the pain, experts comment. “Van den Broom created a monster”

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It is a historic success for this team and all football in Liechtenstein. FC Vaduz is the only professional club registered in this small country. He plays his role on a daily basis matches per second league Swiss. in European cups It only starts thanks to gains in the National Cup. But he hasn’t gotten this far before.

FC Vaduz’s biggest success so far has been to participate in the preliminary rounds of the defunct Cup Winners’ Cup. Once the team managed to advance to the first round of the tournament, but it turned out to be very strong Paris Saint-GermainThat won 7:0 on aggregate. In addition, Vaduz has played three times in the third qualifying round of the European League.

Dudelange - Whymanaged to. Lech will play in the group stage at LKE. It was not without problems

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