The battery made by the Chinese impresses with its results.  Its component is 2,500 times more common than lithium

The results of experiments conducted in: nature. The most important fact seems to be that the battery is designed to operate for 700 charge and discharge cycles at room temperature. Members of the research team also have an idea for practical use of its structure, as they indicate the possibility of implementing it in the form of flexible fibers used in the production of devices such as smartphones.

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Representatives of Fudan University tried to find an alternative to lithium-ion batteries. Although these are currently the most popular, they also suffer from some fundamental problems. These include restrictions on the supply of lithium. Its extraction has increased in recent years to such an extent that it has caused a significant rise in prices. As resources dwindle, engineers must come up with other options, and calcium batteries could be one of them.

Especially since energy storage methods will be worth their weight in gold, among other things, due to the increasing share of renewable energy sources, not to mention the popularization of electric cars. According to scientists, calcium-based batteries could be cheap to produce and provide a relatively high degree of safety. With a similar energy density to lithium-ion batteries, the calcium alternative has another advantage: its primary component is found on Earth in quantities about 2,500 times greater than lithium.

The calcium battery designed by Chinese engineers has a key advantage: it uses calcium instead of lithium, whose resource is constantly diminishing.

In the case of calcium-oxygen systems, they are said to have the highest theoretical energy density among calcium-based batteries. Where does this dependency come from? This is all thanks to the use of oxygen in the air, rather than the material in the battery itself. Unfortunately, in achieving their goal, the engineers faced a big problem: they had to find electrolytes that worked in highly reactive calcium anodes, but also with oxygen.

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The liquid electrolyte used by Chinese engineers consists of calcium and oxygen. The tests carried out, including 700 charge and discharge cycles, demonstrated the huge potential of this structure compared to lithium-ion batteries. The authors even listed a number of potential applications, primarily involving flexible structures capable of bending from zero to 180 degrees. As an additional effort, members of the research team would like to focus on increasing the capacity and efficiency of their design. Of course, it will be a big challenge, but the game seems worth it. Especially when we take into account the growing problem of access to lithium.

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