Strange situation in the Orlen Wis³a P³ock match.  After 18 minutes it was possible to look and not believe

playing fencing European League NS Orleen Arena In Pock, she had a strange and rare first-half trajectory. Eighteen minutes into the matches, only three goals have been scored and Orlen Wisła He was leading 2: 1. The first goal of the match came in the second minute, the second after a moment, and the third – in the seventh minute. After that, both teams did not score a goal for twelve minutes!

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“Few people believed in us before the tournament. Not only on television but in general.”

“You should have honors and balls.” Huge disappointment in Kielce after the start of LM. The star has failed

“I don’t remember that low score”

– very low The result I don’t remember that moment. Broadcast commentators on Orlen’s website said: Let’s not make some disgraceful records Wis³y Pock. After that, the teams slightly improved their positional attack performance and performance. However, by the break, only thirteen goals were scored and the players of Płock were leading 7: 6. After changing teams, the Polish runner-up completely crushed his opponent. They won in 25:14. Orlen Wisła’s most effective player was Russian left-handed midfielder Sergei Kosorotov – with six goals, and left-handed Spanish midfielder David Fernandez – five.

Meanwhile, for over forty minutes, it promised to be a sensation in Puławy. Azote Bulawi Also in the Europa League match, they were ahead in the 38th minute after Michau Gorecki scored 19:15 with one of the strongest teams. leggy World – German Bundesliga, reached the final of the previous season of the European League – Fuchs Berlin. However, after four minutes there was a 19:19 draw. However, this was not the end of the misfortunes of Azuti, who did not score a goal for fourteen minutes and in the 52nd minute lost by 19:25. In the end, the team led by Robert Lee surrendered to the opponents until 24:32 (13:11).

The head of Vive made a statement in Duyshebayev. The head of Vive made a statement in Duyshebayev. “I will not listen to them”

Rematch duels will take place in a week.

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