Stephen King revealed what he considers to be the scariest movie scene.  "I was shivering"

king steven In his writing career, he created many works that were later carried to the screen and terrified subsequent generations of viewers, including the shining if miseryBut what scene frightened the master of terror himself? King disclosed this information in Article – Commodity from 2019.

It turned out to be a classic part Night of the Living Dead George Romero, which debuted in 1968 and turned out to be a groundbreaking movie, is often referred to today as the first zombie production and a milestone in the genre’s history. King states that horror should be an intimate experience and writes:

The scariest scene I can remember was in the movie Night of the Living Dead. The cemetery-visiting protagonist, Barbara, flees to her car from a zombie with gray hair and unconscious eyes walking stumbling. She locks herself inside and discovers that her brother has taken the keys. The zombie finds a stone and starts crashing into the window with it. When I first saw him (and on the next two occasions) I was shivering like jelly.

by Other occasion King said it’s the first time he’s seen Night of the Living DeadHe was unprepared for the images he presented in the Romero movie, including the scene of a girl killing her mother.

King once also shared information about the movie as a whole that scared him the most – More here.

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