Shame on the government regarding Sunday shopping.  The PiS project has been lost

The government’s project to ban trading on Christmas Eve and allow it on Sunday, December 10, was rejected at a meeting of the Economic and Development Committee this week. The resolution was rejected by 19 votes against seven opponents.

Stanisław Swid, who was still Secretary of State in the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, justified that the change “was justified by the special time of Christmas Eve, the time of preparations and family meetings.” Members of the current opposition pointed out that the project was presented too late and that it was scandalous.

It is disgraceful that the House of Representatives is only dealing with this issue now, because PiS has had a full year to deal with this issue. Waldemar Buda, then Minister of Development and Technology, said in June that this problem needed to be solved, and there was one direction – Christmas Eve should be a holiday, and trade should be allowed on Sunday 10 December.

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