PIT-11 tax return time.  What has changed this year: new design and deadlines?  All you need to know [23.01.2022]

Employers should submit their 2021 PIT-11 information soon to the tax office. The deadline for submitting the document is the end of January. In turn, the deadline for submitting the advertisement to employees is the end of February. In the 2021 Annual PIT Settlements, the PIT-11 form will be used in the previous version, i.e. 27 (published on December 28 of last year).

PIT-11 forms provide information about taxpayer income and advances received Income tax From natural persons, as well as the amount of social and health insurance contributions withheld.

The PIT-11 document includes revenue, costs, income, and advances from various sources, including: a business relationship, benefits from a labor fund and guaranteed employee benefits, activities conducted in person or socially, copyrights, contracts for a particular business, order contracts or from receivables . resulting from the activation agreement.

Employers must submit a PIT-11 declaration to the tax office in electronic form by the last day of January. If these days fall on a weekend, the deadline for submitting the PIT-11 will be moved to the first business day following the applicable deadline. However, it should be noted that in 2022, the last day of January (i.e. 01/01) falls on a Monday.

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