Patrick Vega scored a film about Putin.  “The Public Prosecution must take care of the matter.”

Patrick Vega is one of the most profitable and at the same time one of the most controversial Polish directors of recent years. The author of such productions as “Pitbull”, “Mafia Women”, “Botoks” and “Polityka” often faces widespread criticism, but his subsequent films also receive great attention from viewers.

Patrick Vega has finished work on his latest film. His “work” is supposed to be a reflection of Vladimir Putin's biography. In the trailer, the Russian president is presented in a compromising manner. In addition, the production used deepfake technology using artificial intelligence, allowing an image of the dictator to be superimposed on the actor's face. The film has been of interest to Russian agencies for a long time, but the director confirms that they are terrified of what will be shown.

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