Our hero is not qualified for the World Championships

Getty Images/Christian Petersen/ Pictured: Katarzyna Zdzibau

Simon Michalsky

Katarzyna Zdziebło will not be happy to remember this year’s World Championships in the 20 km walk. The Polish woman did not finish the race. a reason? disqualification.

The World Athletics Championships are held in Budapest. Katarzyna Zdziebło competed in the 20-kilometer walk final, but she won’t fondly remember her performance.

All because of the disqualification that occurred when the Polish women were in the eleventh kilometer. Our representative has received four disqualification requests.

Such a number means exclusion from the course and exclusion. And what was its cause? Three times it was about not making contact with the ground, while once it was about not fully extending the knee.

It is worth noting that the race from the very beginning did not go as planned by Zdziebło. At the halfway point of the competition, the Polish woman finished a distant 20th with a significant loss of lead. Thus, our delegate did not defend his silver medal, which he won last year.

However, this is not the only bad news. Not only did Zdziebło win a medal, he also did not win an Olympic qualification. The Polish woman will have another chance to win the pass to Paris on August 24, though it won’t be easy. On that day there will be a 35 kilometer competition.

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