Mushroom map.  Watch the best places to pick mushrooms in August 2023

Where are the mushrooms?

The end of summer and the beginning of autumn is the time for mushroom pickers. The forests are starting to get crowded with hunters of this jungle treasure. Many experienced mushroom pickers have their favorite places where their location is hidden. Others ask themselves each season:Where are the mushrooms?“.

If you are also looking for the best place and wondering where to go for mushroomsTo avoid crowds of mushroom pickers and go home with full buckets? We have collected information about the best sites for you. In these parts of the country you will definitely find something.

Below you will find Fungi mapWe marked all of these places. In the gallery below, we describe all of them. check it out!

Mushroom season 2021: Which poisonous mushrooms are similar to edible mushrooms?

Fungi Occurrence Map – July 2023

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Mushrooms 2023. What should you pay attention to?

However, remember! Mushroom picking requires knowledge and experience.

If you have trouble identifying mushrooms, don’t eat them! When determining whether it is edible or not, you can get help. Where are you looking for it?

  • Mushroom experts
  • Mushroom compilations
  • Mushroom Atlas
  • Mobile applications

However, the most important thing is to choose mushrooms that we are absolutely sure of.

– If you have doubts, do not risk it, bring the mushrooms to the nearest sanitary and epidemiological center, where mushroom experts or mushroom classifiers work, – the head of the sanitary inspectorate appeals. The specialist will evaluate for free whether the mushroom is edible, inedible or poisonous.

Mistakes can be fatal. Can you tell which mushrooms are edible and which are poisonous?

Listen to the podcast.

How do you choose mushrooms?

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