Lidl without the typical employee christmas bonus.  How is it in other networks?

The end of the year is the period of increased shopping before Christmas. For shops it is a harvest, and their employees work more than usual. Retail chains offer them extras and special bonuses. But this year, Lidl employees will not benefit from it, but this time they will only receive an allowance for the opening of the 800th branch – Business Insider Polska has learned. How is it in other networks?

Lidl so far in the last years of Christmas Fines of 400 PLN were distributed to employees. As we have unofficially established, it will not be available this year. Employees will receive PLN 800 to spend in Lidl stores (using coupons in the Lidl Plus app). However, it really is This is not a typical Christmas bonus, but it is related to the opening of the 800th Lidl store in Poland Which, as confirmed by the press office of the network, will take place this year.

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