Lady Gaga loved to play the female killer.  Play as the Joker's girlfriend!

“joker” It is one of the highest vocal and popular films of recent years. It presents the story of a comedian who had a hard time. So much so that he became a psychopathic killer. Joaquin Phoenix’s performance received widespread recognition.

Director Todd Phillips announced on social media that he had managed to finish the script for the film called “Joker: Folie à deux”which is a continuation of the adventures of the Joker in which he plays Joaquin Phoenix. The creator did not have to think long about creating the second part, because his first production praising the evil hero was very positively received by both movie fans and seasoned film critics. The “Joker” was awarded, among other things. Two Oscars and a Golden Lion.

In the sequel, we will see Phoenix again, and most likely on his side will play Lady Gaga, who will play the Joker’s girlfriend – Harley Quinn, who can be as crazy as her boyfriend. A movie dedicated to “Birds of the Night”, in which Margot Robbie played the first violin, was written about this character. Does Gaga have a chance to beat it? remains to be seen. As reported by RMF. Secretary of State, the star is currently negotiating terms for the role.

However, the singer does not lack experience in front of the camera. So far, she has had the opportunity to play, among others, in A Star Is Born, opposite Bradley Cooper, and in the biopic “House of Gucci” opposite Adam Driver. Strong female characters play a great role.

What do you think suits the role of Quinn?

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