Italian Drama!  Italy failed and will play in the World Cup qualifiers.  Switzerland with promotion to the World Cup in Qatar

Italians are forced to play in the World Cup qualifiers! Italy failed to win in Northern Ireland and finished second in Group C. The Swiss are heading to Qatar.

In the final round of Group C there was supposed to be a correspondence race for goals by the Italians and the Swiss, but only the latter took the challenge seriously. The European champions failed all the way to a draw with Northern Ireland, which means they will have to fight for the World Cup in the play-offs.

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Northern Ireland – Italy

The Italians had the World Cup close at hand last Friday. The subject of promotion would be astonishing if Jorginho used a penalty in the last minute of the match against the Swiss. He missed it, and from that moment on, it was not all up to Italy. Before the last round of matches, Roberto Mancini’s players were only ahead of the Helvetian table thanks to a better balance of goals (+11 to +9). However, if in the correspondent match against Bulgaria the opponents scored two more goals than Italy against the islanders (assuming both sides would win their matches, of course), then on an equal budget, the World Championship ticket would have been given to Switzerland thanks to the greater number of away goals in the head-to-head match . Mathematics is one thing, grammar is another, but the most important is the attitude on the field.

The Irish European champions gave their best with three forwards from Insigne-Berardi-Cheiza. Already in the seventh minute, Di Lorenzo, receiving the ball in the penalty area, from an acute angle, got a good chance, but the goalkeeper of the home team was good. It was the only measure the Italians were praised for in the first half.

Surprisingly, after the break, the Norn Iron players rushed to the attack. After George Savile’s shot, Gigi Donnarumma had to step in. About 60 minutes later, the Mancini players had to get a cue that the Swiss were in a comfortable lead with the Bulgarians, because they immediately took the lead. However, it didn’t help much. At the last minute, “Squadra Azzurra” put everything on one card and the Irish almost scolded him. Donnarumma had to be saved by one of the defenders. 0:0 And the sensation became real.

northern Ireland

0 – 0


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Switzerland – Bulgaria

The Swiss, not looking at what was happening at the Belfast stadium, simply had to shoot. There was no shortage of opportunities for joy. Mario Gavranovic was the closest, but Bulgaria goalkeeper Ivan Karagov was brilliant in goal. We should also mention the lined post by Noah Okafor.

And it was Okafor who saved himself in the second part of the game. In the 48th minute, it was he who threw the ball into the net after the adhesive work of the whole team. And what a joy after a goal!

After 10 minutes the score was 2: 0. Ruben Vargas won the duel with the opposing defender, but the ball went to Gavranovic, who restarted Vargas, giving him an excellent streak. The Augsburg player had to score and he succeeded. In the 64th minute, the Helvetians were delighted with the third goal, for which the owner of the second goal was an assistant – Gavranovi. However, the referee saw an offside position. He finally fell off after a few minutes, thanks to a fine finish to the procedure by Cedric Itten. In injury time, Remo Froeller spread the letter “i”. It was impossible to give up. Switzerland fly to Qatar!


4 – 0


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