February 3, 2023


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He was accused of harassing the Scream crew while filming in Montreal

The Montreal Police Department has arrested a man who allegedly threatened the crew of “Scream” while filming the sixth installment of the series in Montreal last summer.

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The Toronto resident reportedly took the horror movie script a little too seriously.

Aret Mazmanyan, 37, terrorizes the horror industry and the man practically worships it.

Director Tyler Gillette | Getty Images/AFP

She faces two charges, specifically, that the film’s director, Tyler Gillette, harassed and intimidated her for her safety.

According to information published by La Presse on Tuesday morning, the production team started receiving violent and aggressive messages from the start of filming.

The posts also mention the characters of the films.

Mazmanyan would go so far as to follow some members of the film crew at work, but also in their spare time, particularly at a cinema in the metropolis. It was at this time that the director reportedly lodged a complaint with the SPVM.

Ared Mazmanyan appeared on Aug. 8 and returned to Montreal court on Monday.

He will have to come back for the remaining procedures.

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