Elias sees Peter Fazardo entering his house: "It's not customary to follow me" |  Eye view

He passed his first sentence on “The Artist of the Year” and thanked Christian Dominguez for the referendum. However, despite his efforts, he was convicted again and will have to fight for his permanence.

View: Elias Mandelvo and Peter Fazardo: Dicktocker was caught driving into the producer’s house and driving his car.

After receiving positive comments about his performance in the last gala of the show hosted by Gisela Valcárcel, Elias Mondolvo spoke to reporters and pointed out that although he disagreed with his score, he respected the arbitral award.

I disagree (with the score it received), but I value it. Jurors know what they deserve, and I can say nothing… I think I’m one of those people who likes to take risks and have an artist’s opinion of singing, dancing, cheering, and lifting the public, and I feel like I’m not accepting my score. “ Added.

On the other hand, Elias Mondalvo also spoke About the media pressure around him and his personal life. As he recalls, he drove into the apartment of Peter Fazardo, the maker of Esto S. Guevara, and entered his apartment.

“I was a little stressed, a lot of loads and part of it was that because of this opportunity I put all the loads aside and focused more on what I wanted. We are human, not stone, we are shocked at everything”, Accurate.

“I am not used to this media issue, they are following you, they are harassing you, it really humiliated me and my family. You can say I’m not 100%, I try, but it’s good. “This is war,” the member added.

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