Days Gone - 9 Million Units Sold Still a Failure for Sony
January 8, 2022, 2:23 pm

Days Gone manager revealed that the game has sold over 9 million copies. However, Sony considered it a failure.

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It turns out that developer Jeff Ross has come a long way. on stream I confessThat the information they provide about the sale Days gone by They are not official. Instead, it relied on estimates from the GameStat website, which was based on an analysis of awards won by players.

Ross says that while he was still working at Bend and had access to internal stats, the GameStat data was close to reality. Therefore, the claim assumes the sale of about 8 million copies Days gone by It is close to the truth. According to him, the number could be 7.7 million or 8.2 million, but he does not believe that the real results will be significantly different from the estimates.

However, the problem with using the GameStat methodology is that awards cannot be directly translated into sales results. Some players bought used copies Days gone by Or you received the game as part of your PlayStation Plus subscription.

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  • one of the developers Days gone by He complains that the game has sold a similar number of copies as Ghost of TsushimaHowever, it was considered a failure for a while I got It is treated as a success;
  • However, this is not a fair comparison because Ghost of Tsushima Brilliantly sold at full price, while a lot of buyers Days gone by was waiting for a promotion;
  • I got It also received much better reviews.

Yesterday Studio Sucker Punch splurgeMore than 8 million copies of the game have already been sold Ghost of Tsushima. This result was considered successful and pleased the creators. However, Jeff Ross, who previously worked Days gone by. He said that the results of this match are disappointing This led to the abandonment of development plans.

Ross left Sony’s Bend studio 19 months after release Days gone by. At that time, sales of this game reached more than 8 million copies, and since then the score has increased; In addition, the production has found more than one million buyers on Steam. In total, sales exceeded 9 million units. However, production achievements were considered weak, and presumably Sony’s managers did their best to convince the developers that they failed.

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Ghost of Tsushima It was released in July 2020. Thus, the game has crossed the threshold of 8 million copies less than eighteen months after its premiere, i.e. not much faster than Days gone by. Not surprisingly, Ross was frustrated that such a result in one production was considered a success, while in the other it was treated as a failure.

Of course, just comparing the number of units sold does not give the full picture. Last year, Creative Director Days gone by he complainedThe reason for the game’s failure was that a lot of players bought the title at the sale, rather than getting it at full price right after launch. Sony didn’t brag about the results of this production in the first months after its debut, suggesting it wasn’t all that great. while Ghost of Tsushima It was The new fastest selling brand in Sony’s historyOver 2.4 million buyers were found just three days after the premiere.

Receipt of both products is also important. Ghost of Tsushima Low average score on level 83% on Metacritic. In case Days gone by that it only 71%. It should also be noted that according to March 2021 data, the first of these productions was the campaign more than 50% complete Owners while they are on the case Days gone by It was only 34%, although the game has been in the market for much longer. This shows that the samurai adventure in Sucker Punch studio attracted players much more.

With all this in mind, it is not surprising that this has been happening for such a long time gossip About continuity that is already under construction Ghost of Tsushima. On the other hand, development plans 2 days passed abandonedAnd a Bend studio is currently working on a new branding for Sony.

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