Core inflation in October.  The Polish National Bank provided new data

Polish National Bank Every month, it calculates four basic inflation indicators, which – as the Central Bank explains – “help to understand the nature of inflation in Poland.”

consumer price index (Consumer inflation) shows the average price change of the entire basket of goods purchased by consumers. When calculating indicators Core inflation Price changes in the various sectors of this basket are analyzed. This allows us to better identify the sources of inflation and more accurately predict its future trends. It also allows you to determine how sustainable inflation isThe extent to which it is shaped, for example, by short-term price changes caused by unpredictable factors.

The most common indicator used by analysts is… Inflation rate excluding food and energy prices. It shows the price trends that are most affected by the monetary policy pursued by the central bank.

The Polish National Bank explains this Energy (including fuel) prices are determined not on the domestic market, but on global markets, sometimes also under the influence of speculation. Food prices – as the Polish National Bank states – largely depend on, among other things, the weather and the current situation on the domestic and global agricultural market.

On Wednesday, the Central Statistical Office also released inflation data for October. According to his calculation methodology, the final reading of consumer inflation was 6.6%. On an annual basis. It was slightly higher than the initial figure presented two weeks ago (6.5%). The last time inflation was below the October value was in September 2021, when it reached 5.9%.

In October, the largest price increases were recorded in categories “education”This is because it is 10.5 percent y/y and 1.6 percent mdm and “Other goods and services”The average increase was 9.4%. On an annual basis and 0.3 percent per month. A high percentage was also recorded In the “Food and non-alcoholic beverages” basket.Which increased by 8% annually and by 0.5% m/m.

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