November 27, 2022


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An amazing discovery about global warming.  Scientists talk about a paradox - O2

An amazing discovery about global warming. Scientists talk about a paradox – O2

Now it is clear that the pollution is good because Germany needs to use metals and I ask where will they take the stoves when they switch to gas? All this was to cut Poland off coal with EU regulations and they imported and smoked and smoked, but you can see that they are punishing Poland for the huge costs and burdens on mines and power plants because they imposed huge fines for the breakdown of electricity in our country because the weakness of strategic actions was that Poland was poor, weak and without Help remain as in 39Ra, it is easy to invade such a country and Russia with Germany are visible in this subject they agreed, the union as a society should not now be Polish on these sanctions, money back because we can not complete a provision regarding energy safety in the country. The enemy of the Union and the Union shows that this is harmful and participates in it. The wrong direction in the union and the attacks on the leading financial ostracism of our country because we do not listen to the bad decisions of the union – perhaps we should swap our heads for a horse to listen to them, I want to say that it is not only the fault of the EU officials and their political subordinates of our country who applaud Blind, but why? Let Mr. Tusk explain his friendly behavior towards the union, for Poland’s pity – I want to hear it clearly why I’m the head of the biggest party in the union There are no wizards about Poland’s money only discussing the matter of union – you can’t listen to those who would be wrong and follower, no union need deliberation, and wishing to invoke the Union’s interest in this, does not apply to the rules of the union of countries in the same terms which the Union considers that it can govern more than others and cannot govern democratically, only the fields that are undemocratic and signify that in a democracy every person has the right to His own world view and you should decide the oath and not impose a penalty because you notice some different financial terms Poland and the zloty will get stronger and the union plays the role of “bunny hunt” with the government, to inform him that Anpsek will never create a government in Poland because he will do good to the union, so let Germany take over The order and in Poland makes Polish national rules for columns – no votes for direct elections, wrong actions, damage to columns – none, zero, ot

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