Alert in the Spanish media: Kylian Mbappe will appear in Madrid Beca Nona

Like the first pictures Kyleana Mbappe COPE journalists published in Madrid. They managed to catch the 23-year-old attacker on his way to a luxury restaurant. The published materials show that the attacker was accompanied by his colleague Ahraf Hakimi. in the middle of the players Paris Saint-Germain While the Moroccan brother and two other people were waiting.

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Mbappe in Madrid? The French played on journalists’ noses

This opinion aroused much skepticism. Some considered visiting the Spanish capital an excuse to negotiate a contract with it real madrid. COPE journalists even noted the time between booking a table in the restaurant and the actual arrival of Mbappe and Hakimi. We read at COPE: “Booked around 2:00 PM, but they didn’t get to the building until 3:25 PM.”

Mbappe’s move to Real Madrid is moving away. The footballer’s environment was surprised by the club’s rules

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But the source does not know what Mbappe was doing or where he was from hour to hour. As we read on, the arrival of the French and Moroccans in Madrid probably has nothing to do with a possible move to real madrid. On the contrary: both players came to Spain for recreational purposes. All because they got a few days off from Mauricio Pochettino.

Mbappe also boasted of his stay in Madrid. The French, right after the journalists, posted a picture with Hakimi on Instagram. Both players have time to rest until Wednesday – they write the Spanish dailies. Then they are ready to match Departure from Montpellier. Regardless of the outcome, no one will be able to snatch the Paris Saint-Germain title.

Kylian Mbappe, on the other hand, is yet to decide on his future. forward contract with Paris Saint-Germain It will expire in a few weeks. The 23-year-old has not contacted him real madridAccording to the latest reports, the French club authorities are not giving up either. Le Parisien said PSG wanted to give the striker 100 million signature bonuses and 50 million for the year of play.

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