January 30, 2023


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5 Best Online Social Media Video Making Tools To Drive More Traffic and Engagement

With the increasing demand and popularity of social media video-making tools, online video streaming has surged and gained significance in recent years. According to Hubspot, about 81% of businesses have adopted video as an effective marketing tool. Individuals from every age group spend most of their time watching online videos related to work, wellness, entertainment, education, and more. The vigorous video content consumption can be attributed to the extensive penetration of smartphone technology and the internet. 

As videos alleviate monotony and help people stay in contact globally amid all the hassle, it has become an integral aspect of people’s lives. The increasing fondness for online videos has led to the booming demand and popularity of video maker tools. As the internet has become the premier destination of millions of skilled content creators, driving high traffic and engagement has become an easy and efficient task. To get the best result from your video content and to outrun the competitors, you must implement every creative force in use. You can now empower your video creation efforts to drive traffic and engagement thanks to smart technology utilization.

In this article, you will get an insight into the five best social media video maker tools to drive more traffic and engagement for your video content.


Shakr is a fantastic video editing tool that offers a wide range of excellent templates to video creators of all proficiency levels to make engaging video content. This video maker tool is easy-to-use and enables access to a vast collection of HD visuals, thus ensuring plenty of flexibility and choices with video content creation. 

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If you’re a beginner or amateur in the world of video creation, Shakr can be the ideal video editing tool for your marketing journey. It has a variety of cool effects that can enhance the video quality of any content. The video maker enables support for various media files while running seamlessly on almost any browser. 

Shakr’s wider array of premium-grade video templates can enhance the appeal of your video content to the greatest extent. The exciting thing is that every template comes with an amazing soundtrack that can add to the performance of your video. With its simple and in-built user interface, you can create breathtaking video ads like professionals. 


InVideo is an exceptional online video editor that allows free access to create spectacular video content within a few minutes. With InVideo, which has earned the reputation of one of the best web-based video makers, aspiring video creators get access to thousands of unique and cool templates. You can boost your video content’s appeal in a flash using the wide range of stunning editing effects offered by the platform. 

This video maker tool offers access to a vast database of customizable images, fonts, audios, etc., which you can utilize for adding uniqueness to your video content. Moreover, with InVideo’s user-friendly interface and intuitive range of features, it’s unlikely for any beginner video creator to face trouble. The most convenient aspect is that you can drag and drop your chosen templates into the video editor for tweaking and amplifying your video content.

The most distinctive feature of this video editor is that it provides a 24/7 customer support facility to ensure that every creator enjoys a hassle-free video editing experience. If you wish to create video contents that will drive massive traffic and engagement, InVideo is one of the best choices for you. 

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One of the most preferred video maker tools among modern video creators, Rocketium, is the ultimate platform for creating visually appealing video content for your objective or marketing campaign. This cloud-based editing platform allows video creators to pick from varied colors, fonts, and filters. The tool offers a vast multimedia library that avails an extensive range of animations, themes, and sound effects to creators. 

With extensive support for multiple languages (more than 100), this video-making tool offers an ultra-fast social media sharing option. This video maker is highly responsive and ensures seamless operations, and it takes only a few minutes to upload multimedia files. Creators can also review their content quality as the tool shows a preview once their video is ready for download. So, you can use this free-to-use video editing tool to create high-quality, engaging videos. 


Typito is another top video-making tool that recently acquired immense recognition in the content creation world. With all the latest video editing capabilities and video-making features, this tool has become a preferable option for many video creators. The video maker helps create high-resolution videos (up to 1080p) and lets you share video content across every social media platform with a click of a single button. 

Typito allows the creators to pick from a vast selection of customizable motion graphic templates with minimal effort. Apart from being convenient and extremely easy to use, this tool empowers creators to add engaging images and texts to a video instantly. By using Typito, you can try out different areas of pre-made brand layouts to create your business video content with a more professional outlook. This tool won’t entail any software-download as it’s a club-based platform. 

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Adobe Spark 

Adobe Spark is an outstanding video editor that brags a wider array of unique and attractive themes that helps creators to make videos with the ability to drive traffic. The vast range of themes and templates will undoubtedly work like elegance to add zest to your content. You will enjoy enriching your videos with the best quality audios available at the unlimited stock music library of the video maker tool. 

As the tool is completely optimized for mobile, smartphone users can use it for creating videos without encountering any kind of buffering or glitch. Most interestingly, the tool offers an inbuilt feature of removing watermarks from the video contents. 

Final Words 

The way people consume content is an evolutionary process, which is fundamentally changing with the rise in social media platforms. However, with the introduction of the best video-making tools like InVideo or Adobe Spark, as discussed here, every beginner and professional video creator stands a chance to deliver the best video content along with the best video marketing approaches. So, pick one of these mentioned tools for driving video traffic and engagement with minimal effort and time.