ZUS reminds you: Create a profile in PUE ZUS.  Don't do that, the factory will do it for you

“Every person who pays a contribution is legally obligated to have a profile on the e-services platform (PUE) ZUS. PUE ZUS is a great help for business people, so it is worth creating your profile as soon as possibleThe speaker indicated in the message sent ZUS Bowie Chebrosky.

The time is until December 30th. Then you will enter ZUS

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As stipulated by the department, Currently, more than 10.6 million users have a profile in PUE ZUS. Already, more than 89 percent. People run their own businesses and over 87 percent. Companies that pay contributions from 1 to 5 people have a profile in PUE ZUS with the role of payer.

Payers who do not have a profile in PUE ZUS must set it up by December 30, 2022. If they do not, ZUS will create such a profile for them.

ZUS assures that getting your profile is a big help for business, so it’s not worth waiting until the last minute.

PUE ZUS allows you to settle most matters relating to social insurance anywhere and anytime. Entrepreneurs can submit applications to ZUS and use the free ePłatnik application dedicated to handling insurance documents. They can also control the status of their settlements with ZUS, obtain sick leave for their employees, and can create electronic documents with data from ZUS and transfer them to other institutions (such as a bank or office).

The profile you wear on yourself or on someone else

A profile is always created in PUE ZUS for a natural person. You must be at least 13 years old to register and verify your profile.

Contribution motive – a natural person may create a profile for himself or give a power of attorney to another person (such as an accountant or an accounting office employee).

Entrepreneurs who run their business as a natural person will be automatically assigned the role of payer by the PUE ZUS account when the data in the assumed profile is the same as that available in the contribution payer application (eg NIP and PESEL).

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