March 20, 2023


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Zelenska appealed to diplomats about the children.  She could barely hold back her tears

Zelenska appealed to diplomats about the children. She could barely hold back her tears

On June 4, on the initiative of the United Nations, the Day of Children Victims of Aggression was celebrated, which was established in 1982. At that time, the UN General Assembly wanted to commemorate the Lebanese and Palestinian children who died in armed attacks. Olena Zelenska writes that Ukraine celebrated this day a year ago and the same is happening now – but no one expected that this time Ukrainians would also remember the children who died as a result of Russian aggression.

According to the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office, 243 children have been killed and 446 injured since February 24. Bells hung on the trees in front of St. The Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv symbolized “distant laughter” – as Olena Zelenska wrote after a memorial service for the youngest Ukrainian citizens who died during the 101-day war.

As the First Lady of Ukraine emphasized, they were subjected to “brutal Russian aggression”. “I took it forever. It’s a terrible word. Its consistency is terrible” – stressed Zelenska. She reported that she spoke directly to the diplomats who participated in the memorial services for the murdered children.

Remembering the Ukrainian children who died during the warUkrainian children who died during the war are commemorated – Facebook / Ołena Zelenska

“I don’t know what they felt. I asked them not to leave Ukrainian children alone with the war. Everything must be done to save those who live,” she added. Zelenska spoke to the diplomats with tears in her eyes, and her voice broke when she spoke of the children no longer there.

It even hurts to imagine what their parents might feel. All vulgar words are redundant here. We just want hugs and tangles. be soon.

The first lady addresses directly to parents who have lost their children. “You’ve been through a lot! I hope you find the strength to go on with life. Because our kids have always wanted it for us. Let me support you and help you.”

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Below you can see the recording of the concert and Olena Zelenska’s speech: