Ze³enski’s response to protests in Georgia.  Prime Minister Garibashvili: Take care of your country first |  world News

On March 8, Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the protesters in Georgia on social media. He thanked the president for the presence of the Ukrainian flags and wished the Georgians democratic success. Irakli Garibashvili referred to the words of the Ukrainian leader during an interview on state television.

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Brutal riots in the streets of Tbilisi. Reason for the “foreign agents” law

protests in Georgia. Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the protesters in Tbilisi

First of all, Volodymyr Zinsky thanked the participants in the protests. – I want to express my gratitude to us National anthem National, which was played in Tbilisi. This is respect for Ukraine and I would like to express my sincere respect to Georgia. There is no Ukraine that does not wish success to friendly Georgia. Democratic success. Zelensky said: European success. – We want to be in the European Union and we will be there. And the Ukrainian president added: We want Georgia to be in the European Union, and I’m sure it will be there.

Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili referred to Zelensky’s words during an interview on Georgian television IMEDI. – When a person at war reacts to the devastating work of several thousand people here in Georgia, Garibashvili said Sunday, March 12, it’s direct evidence that that person is committed, motivated to achieve something, and here to make a difference. – I want to wish everyone a speedy end to this war and peace – he added, quoting the daily Arab News. At the same time, he called on the Ukrainian authorities to “take care of themselves and their country first.”

A spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Oleg Nikolenko, accused the Georgian prime minister of copying Russian propaganda, stating that Ukraine wants to drag Georgia into its conflict with Russia. “We categorically reject such allegations that have nothing to do with reality, and the Georgian authorities are looking for the enemy in the wrong place,” he added. Ukraine “She was and will remain a friend of the Georgian people, whom we do not want to disturb in building a European future,” the Ukrainian spokesman wrote on social media.

In Tbilisi, protesters used Molotov cocktails. President: I’m with you

Georgia. Residents protest against the “foreign agents” law

Protests against Georgia’s “foreign agents” law began on March 7. Parliament has adopted a bill for consideration that would stigmatize organizations that benefit from foreign support. Serious clashes took place with demonstrators on the streets of Tbilisi. used the police Gas Tear gas, batons, or water cannons. About 200 people were arrested. On March 10, Parliament finally rejected the bill.

– This isn’t an ad getting too close RussiaCooperation with Putin, how much use mechanisms from Russia – said Agnieszka Filipiak, deputy editor-in-chief of “Forbes Women” in an interview with Gazeta.pl.

protests in GeorgiaForeign Agents Law in Georgia “These are mechanisms from Russia”

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