Zbigniew Ziobro criticizes EU plans for internal combustion cars

According to a program directive Fit for 55 Voted by the European Parliament, only until 2035 will it be possible to register new combustion cars in the European Union. After this deadline. Only electric cars will be available for purchase. Brussels is taking further steps in this regard.

Solidarna Polska’s president, Minister Zbigniew Ziobro, notes that the idea is a “blind path”. The politician wrote on Twitter: “Electric cars are expensive and often fail. The ban on combustion engines from 2035, which the Mailbox is passionately supporting, is a dead end that EU bureaucrats have entered.”

The sale of internal combustion vehicles is prohibited

“The diesel and gasoline engines in new cars will be available for another 13 years, then the end. A ban on the sale of new combustion cars will come into effect. Only zero-emission vehicles, ie battery electric vehicles (BEV) or using hydrogen, will be sold in showrooms. To produce electricity by fuel cell (FCEV)”, auto.dziennik.pl stated on Monday.

Hołowczyc about electric cars

The well-known rally driver was asked what he thinks of electric cars by sports journalist Michał Paul on YouTube’s “Kanał Sportowych”.

Hołowczyc assessed this as a “dead end” and noted a number of drawbacks of this type of car, including problems with disposing of it, the inability to put out a fire, or limited range.

– I drove a little electric. In fact, there is a nice feeling in the city – Hołowczyc admitted, explaining, however, that outside the built-up area, the situation is not so great. – The driver said, as soon as you actually put the accelerator pedal down, it goes down twice in each of these cars.

– Nobody tells us how the car burns, what is happening. (…) You can not put up such a thing, there is no chance. Imagine that this car is going to catch fire near a hotel or department store – said citizen Olsztyn, explaining that the burning battery, the so-called electrician, releases oxygen, which constantly fuels the flames.

Another drawback that was mentioned by the rally driver – and not mentioned by the media and electric enthusiasts – is the strong electromagnetic effect that these machines emit. With prolonged contact, it may have a negative effect on the health of users. – We say: Do not hold the phone to your ear for a long time, because it hurts you. (…) Imagine how many engines there are, how many flows there are, how much energy is revolving around us – said Hołowczyc.

The professional driver mentioned another aspect that we won’t hear from electric car proponents. – In Norway, there are already huge numbers of cars on the railway tracks, they have little bumps, and no one is fixing them. Everyone is scared, said Hołowczyc.

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