YouTube Premium, or another paid VOD video in a few years?

YouTube has given up its own series, but in other ways, it’s becoming more like Netflix and other VOD platforms. The goal seems to be more clear, and recent changes only confirm this.

When the site got commercials, it was clear that a large percentage of viewers didn’t want to put up with several seconds of watching breaks or promotions that preceded the video they were watching. Their appearance was inevitable, because no one builds (buys) a platform like YouTube not to make money on it, so Google did what it had extensive experience with. Online advertising has been their domain for years, and while their YouTube introduction hasn’t been flawless, implementing the long-term plan seems to be paying off. Introducing YouTube Premium was a godsend for people who bothered with ads, and I don’t know of anyone who can go back to a free account after tasting YouTube without ads. But this is just the beginning.

Music videos only on paid YouTube Music?

YouTube is a place where you can watch everything from amateur recordings to professional productions in every category. There is no such cross-section in the case of other services, so you can say directly: YouTube has no competition. And such a situation can be turned into a real business opportunity, which began with the introduction of YouTube Music. One of the less popular music streaming platforms may become one of the best when it comes to video content. Music videos are still popular, and YouTube is the most famous, but not the only, place to watch them. If the advertisement proves successful for the transmission of such content through the paywall system, free YouTube will lose a significant portion of the content that provides it with a user base, but at the same time will force Too many people to invest in subscribing.

The changes made step by step are not so offensive

If YouTube makes drastic changes overnight, users will be angry and the company will have to explain itself extensively about its actions. Distributing these steps over time makes us accept them in installmentsThat is, with less discontent and opposition. Negative emotions will appear for a few days, and then we will go into everyday life and pay the subscription or find devious ways not to do it. However, there will be more users who pay regularly, and YouTube can move on to the next steps of its plan.

We don’t know exactly what they will be, but there are certainly many ideas. Some of them may seem silly or impossible today, but step by step you can … split the content into two groups, one of which is for Premium users only. Creators may also have a choice – whether they want to limit the availability of the video, but gain more from it, or reach a larger audience, but then the impact can be significantly less. Watching the YouTube change, it’s not hard for me to imagine that in a year or two, the most popular YouTubers will be creating content excellent Only for YouTube Premium subscribers. Some may go on with all their work the other sideBecause it will simply pay off. And then YouTube Premium is no different from other VODs we pay each month.

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