February 1, 2023


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Young Britons are divided over the Queen's death

Young Britons are divided over the Queen’s death

*** Our Special Correspondent Richard Latendresse is in London to cover events surrounding the Queen’s death live.

While many Britons mourn Elizabeth II, wandering around royal estates and showing their love for the late queen, the situation is very different for young British adults.

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For many Englishmen in their twenties, the death of Elizabeth II did not affect their daily lives. Going out at night, partying in bars and going on life.

Our correspondent Richard Latendresse, who is currently in the UK, met many of these young Britons to find out their mood in the face of the Queen’s death.

“Our generation is not really into monarchy. There aren’t many royal families yet. It is a very strange concept for some of us,” says a young woman.

“We’ve known her all our lives so it’s a big loss,” she added, before her friend added: “I don’t have a personal relationship with her though.”

“I’m not sad. I don’t know her personally. I’m not in mourning. However, I understand that she has done a lot for our country,” says another young Briton.

“After Diana’s death there was no interest in the monarchy,” says her friend.

Watch the video above for full explanations and all the testimonials.