June 7, 2023


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You can refuel with diesel, gasoline and LPG at a cheaper price.  Drivers are more and more willing to use this method

You can refuel with diesel, gasoline and LPG at a cheaper price. Drivers are more and more willing to use this method

Many drivers are disappointed by the cheaper diesel, gasoline and LPG prices. Hot ads sparked hope that the vending machine would be around 30 grossi a liter cheaper everywhere. However, it turned out that the price movements were not all around as big as expected. This led to a search for cheaper petrol stations.

Diesel, Gasoline and LPG at lower price

Diesel fuel LPG Gasoline

Taking advantage of the pre-holiday shopping rush, customers are beginning to appreciate gas stations, incl. Beside supermarkets. There they can refuel really cheaply. Especially since during this period, customers are drawn to the lower prices to park the car next to it and do some shopping. Lots of people understand it

And the prices in such places look really good. They are basically similar to the reductions expected by drivers. You can refuel diesel for about 5.70 zlotys / liter, gasoline for about 5.60 zlotys / liter, and LPG for about 3.10 zlotys / liter. No wonder these price values ​​attract drivers like a magnet. After all, not so long ago, they had to pay more than PLN 6 / l.

But it’s not just gas stations in malls that are tempting. Practically in every city there are points where prices are very similar and you can see more traffic there. Competitiveness also greatly affects drivers’ wallets. Stations understand that the sooner they sell fuel, the cheaper it will be. Wholesale prices have fallen recently.

diesel fuel station

Cheap petrol stations are back in fashion

It should be noted that there has been no similar situation in recent months. It was difficult to distinguish between cheaper and more expensive petrol stations. They all offered fuel prices at a very similar value. The reason is the high wholesale prices that led to a dead end. There was nothing to go down from, and it was necessary to offer diesel, gasoline and LPG at the best prices.

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Therefore, it was the same everywhere. But the card is now flipped and back to how it was before. Therefore, drivers have greater choices in deciding where to fill in fuel. It should be borne in mind that UOKiK is constantly changing the quality of fuel, and this is at a very high level everywhere. Therefore, it is impossible to talk about the case that somewhere worse fuel, and somewhere better. Only the question of components can differ.

Diesel fuel and gasoline