“You can hear them at the other end of the carriage” Unpleasant Journey Pendolino

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The route Warszawa Centralna – Kraków Główny is well known to me. I live in Warsaw, but I travel often to Krakow. Usually, I take the train once a week to or from the capital, Malopolska. Therefore, I can say that I am a regular PKP customer.

I always choose the train on this route because it is more convenient than driving. The highway is not finished yet, and there are big traffic jams at the entrance to Krakow, for this reason However, the train is the fastest option. A lot of people also travel on this route, which can be seen by the number of people on the train, and of course the number of people during the week is less than the number of people on weekends, but it seems that the burden is still high. And when it comes to frequency, PKP is good, because you can actually catch the train every hour. The problem is that most of the connections are provided by Pendolino, and they’re not cheap.

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