January 28, 2023


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Yelo Molo announces its decision by scraping commercial radio stations

Yelo Molo announces its decision by scraping commercial radio stations

It’s a dark day for ska fans.

On August 16, 2022 in the year of our Lord, the legendary Quebec ska group announced its decision.

In a message published on social networks, its founder Stephen Yell explains what led to the dissolution of the group, which had great success at the beginning of the millennium.

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“Today I announce to you that Yellow Molo is no more. We have been trying to get a song for CKOI or Énergie who have had a monopoly for over a decade. Air sports In Quebec. But for them, JP Lemelin, formerly Guy Brouillard, Danny Champagne, of this beautiful sprawling world of life-or-death rights in Quebec settings, a song is always too much or not enough, as ever. Anyway.”

In the message, Yell criticizes major commercial radio stations in Quebec for ignoring the group’s music.

“I’ve been telling people that Yellow is still around for over 10 years, and people tell us: ‘No, we thought it was over because we didn’t listen to you.’ Well, if you don’t listen to us anymore, it’s not our fault. There are always limits to play Sabrina worse Big Zero, Bonyen. As of today, it is true that we are not! It is now our decision, but against our will.

However, Yell takes time to thank the team’s “friends” who have been there for years.

“I never said “fans” because it’s crazy and I know that nobody in Quebec is crazy or too small. Thank you to our friends who came to cheer us up many times at all the festivals in Quebec, you made us live the most beautiful unforgettable moments. I was always naively positive, But here I lay my guitar down, sad but calm.

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Formed in Sainte-Julienne in Lanaudiere in 1997, the group released its album Dubai Earlier this year.

Many nostalgic music lovers will surely note that very few bands have been able to pull off a party like Yellow Molo.

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