May 29, 2023


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Xavier Dolan reveals images from his first series

Xavier Dolan reveals images from his first series

Xavier Dolan posted a dozen pictures from the shoot on Instagram Laurier Gottreault wakes up in the nightHis long-awaited first series, which will air on Canal Plus and Club Illico.

Published at 5:25 pm yesterday.

Luck Boulanger

Luck Boulanger

” I can’t wait ! “wrote the director on his Instagram account, posting pictures of his next psychological thriller. In Night when Laurier Gautrault is up, we’ll find Dolan behind and in front of the camera as he shares the spotlight with Julie Le Breton. Magali Lepin-Blandeau, Eric Bruno, and Patrick Hivon. The latter all come from a 2019 distribution of Michel Marc Bouchard’s eponymous play at TNM, from which the series was adapted.

Director mother I haven’t made a film in three yearsMatthias and Maxim) after attending a performance of Bouchard’s work at TNM, immediately decided to bring the piece to the screen. Dolan explains this in a press release published by Canal Plus. “Between the idea and the realization of months of waiting due to the pandemic, beyond the obvious, I was forced to write and shoot this story about life and death, grief, self-acceptance, family. More than ever, excited, impatient, to take action and push my limits even further, the thriller genre. It would have inspired me to explore…”

No release date has been announced, but the series will be available in late 2022. “More news will follow soon,” promises the filmmaker.

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