WoW on Unreal Engine 5. Turtle WoW 2.0 is an ambitious fan project.

July 8, 2024, 12:55 PM

Turtle WoW 2.0 will port World of Warcraft to Unreal Engine 5, offering not only an updated visual setup but also a number of improvements.

Image source: Turtle WoW / Blizzard Entertainment / Microsoft.


Blizzard has no plans to make a sequel to World of Warcraft. However, as is usually the case, fans have no such reservations and are developing their own creations in Azeroth. Such as Recently announced WoW 2.0 Turtle.

They developed the project. Creators of Turtles Wowone of the most popular private servers for Wow-aIt is based on the basic version of the game, but is expanded with what is called Secrets of Azeroth – A fan add-on that allows you to delve into the original plot of the game (based mainly on Warcraft 3 and the “vanilla”, i.e. base game) Wow-abut the creators tried to integrate everything into the latest history of Azeroth).

WoW 2.0 Turtle It is an extension of this project. However, the number “2.0” in the title is fully justified for a simple reason: Fans of Turtle WoW and the Council of Tirisfal group have completely recreated Azeroth from the base version of the game using Unreal Engine 5. That’s right, the whole thing – every location, dungeon, etc.

Of course, the whole thing was kept in style. World of WarcraftYou can see the effect in the project trailer. Please keep in mind that the recording is from the alpha version.

Efficient and cross-platform

What is important, The creators took care to improve the optimization so that the project works not only on modern equipment, but also on old ones. Players will be able to choose between two modes: Modern and “Traditional”. Most importantly, the former will not be overly demanding.

For gaming on “Modern” settings, a GeForce GTX 1060 (or AMD Radeon RX 580) graphics card paired with an Intel Core i5-6600k or AMD Ryzen 5 1600 processor will suffice. Considering that performance is often not up to par for EU5-based games, this is a very important issue. Well, WoW 2.0 Turtle It will also be supported on Android mobile devices and Steam Deck and will offer cross-play.

Additionally, fans are promised the full content of version 1.12 (the last of the original release). Wow-a No add-ons), and better tools for creating mods (including support for the aforementioned add-on). Secrets of Azeroth), support for Nvidia DLSS and AMD FidelityFX technologies, and improved anti-cheating.

Did the fans win over Blizzard?

And what is equally important, Version 2.0 Wow turtle It will also offer a lot of improvements. The engine change will make it easier to support multiple language versions and will enable options such as adjusting the field of view (FoV), supporting widescreen displays, increasing the number of task logs to 20, and the ability to queue actions.

However, the core gameplay will remain unchanged – after all, the main attraction of the server will be the ability to play the original game. Wow-a.

These and other developments excite players… although some Internet users are concerned about whether this is an overly ambitious project for a private server, which – as has happened in the past – may be shut down by Blizzard’s “lawyers”. Especially since the efforts of the Turtle WoW teams and the Tirisfal Council groups are allegedly making “innovations” of creators. Wow-a They compare poorly to fan works.

WoW 2.0 Turtle It will be released in 2025. The creators promised that they will regularly publish more information about the project, and after the premiere, both versions will be supported for some time. WoW-a turtle.

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