Wounded Birds, Episode 170 – The detailed summary.  Melis threatens her sister to end her life!

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Infected birds 170 – summary. Levent decides that he wants to live a life with Merry, and Hulia convinces Mary that Melis is about to break up. When do you watch episode 170? What awaits the heroes of the Turkish series? Read now on ESKA.pl

Wounded Birds – Episode 170 Summary. What will happen on the show? Melis realizes that it was Hulya who changed the films. He threatens his sister to end up with her if he doesn’t make Levent choose her over Mary. Levent told Maryam that he applied to Meles because he felt remorse after the accident caused Meles to be unable to have children. Ulviye is deeply concerned about Melis, and convinces Levent that he must keep his promise. Jamil tries to make Ace listen to him, but she doesn’t want to see him. She is unbelievable when Jamil assures her that it is all Oya’s plot. Dogan meets Oya to see if Jamil is telling the truth, but Oya manages to convince him of his story. Mary assures Ulviye that he will convince Levent to do the right thing and marry Melis. Levent decides that he wants to live a life with Merry. Hulya convinces Mary that Melis is about to break down for fear of losing Levent. When is episode 170 of Infected Birds watched? What is the broadcast time? We answer!

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Wounded Birds 170 – When are you watching the episode? [DATA, GODZINA EMISJI]

series “infected birds” It can be watched Monday through Friday on TVP 2. Episode 170 will be broadcast on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 at 18:45. The replay will appear on the same channel the next day at 1:15 pm only. Viewers can also watch TV series on TVP VOD platform.


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