Worm no money from "Dubai Girls"?  "I got a kick in the ass"

will addAs she herself claimed in many interviews, the film was the work of her life. You have put a lot of time and energy and commitment to it. movie successDubai girlsHe did not pay the singer financially, all because the producer did not share with her the proceeds of external distribution.

Dubai girlsBased on the book by Peter Krysiak, in which he reveals a behind-the-scenes investigation of the trips of Polish models and celebrities to Dubai, where the women went there to spend time with Arab sheikhs in a recognizable way.

The film was a hit in Poland in 2021. After the pandemic and lockdowns, viewers are finally able to go to the cinema. On the opening day, the film was watched by almost 300,000 viewers, and in two weeks it was seen by 600,000 people.

not later”Dubai girlsIt was declared a hit, even surpassing films such as “Wesele” by Smarzowski and “Pitbull” by Patryk Vega.

You might think that the massive success will also translate into a reward doda. Nothing could be more wrong – the singer hasn’t even gotten a zloty since the movie hit theaters!

will add (a look!) She also admitted that she changed her approach to money – certainly thanks to the treatment that the singer underwent in the circumstances of the separation and divorce of her then-husband, Emil Stupio.

In an interview with WP Duda admitted that she has no influence on what happens to the movie now. Interestingly enough, she revealed that she had no decision-making power before. This is why Duda was relieved of the post of president: “I left my CEO position so that I wouldn’t take responsibility for something that I had no influence over.”

Duda also had no effect on the sale of the film to Russia, moreover, she found out at the same time as the rest of the team working on the film.

voice Maria Sadowska had earlier transferred the sale of “Girls from Dubai” to Russia – Movie director.

Duda summed up the whole work related to film production as another life lesson.

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