World of Tanks for PC received its biggest update this year. The game has been enriched with new machines and previously unknown location. The list of new products is longer and every fan of armored duels should know about it.

As much as it did, Wargaming still does. The team supports their business faithfully and regularly, despite a somewhat turbulent period. The company decided Leaving Russia and BelarusShe is currently planning to open her own office office in Poland. Regular updates prove its excellent condition. Recently, someone came to World of Warships: Legends It is not the last word.

World of Tanks gets update 1.18 and it is “Biggest Update of 2022”. What’s new for the players? The main course is Italian tank destroyers. The new line of vehicles, which consists of 6 new cars From level five to level X.

Image source: © Wargaming


Its distinguishing feature is Strong front shield. It is worth noting that most of these machines existed … only “on paper”. The creators decided to breathe life into these unrealized projects.

Almost all Italian tank destroyers existed in the form of diagrams, and some had physical models. With designs and surviving archival materials, we’ve taken these forgotten concepts to the next level and recreated six historical machines in the game as you can truly take them.

A new map will appear with the update – Mail. I must admit that the landscape looks very beautiful. There are many off-road items that will help you apply the right tactics in the battle.

.’s latest update world of tanks On PC, it also means cosmetic and visual changes, new physics of broken tracks, elimination of minor bugs and all kinds of Changes to improve game balance. There are a lot of them, and we’ll find them all at this address.

Sebastian Barris, polygamist journalist

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