World Cup: Everything is clear about the Polish relay

The “Matusinski’s Angels” made the masses accustomed to winning medals at big events. It is hoped that the 2022 World Championships in Athletics will be similar. Good news from Iga Baumgart-Witan. “Let’s smoke the treadmill and in front of the TVs,” she wrote.

Michai Fabian

Ega Baumgart-Whitan and Anna Kiopaseska

Getty Images/Christian Petersen/Pictured: Iga Baumgart-Whitan and Anna Kiopasica

The World Championships in Athletics in Eugene began with an unpleasant accident in the Polish team. Anna Kiełbasińska quits starting in the 4x400m mixed relay, releases a statement (more here >>which justified the decision. According to the arrangements, she was only supposed to participate in the final, while coach Alexander Matusinsky wanted her to also participate in the qualifying rounds.

Without Kiełbasińska, the Polish mixed relay finished fourth, with a major loss to the three fastest teams. After the end, spill the milk. Justyna Święty-Ersetic criticized Kiełbasińska in an interview with Polish journalists.

– With this statement the whole atmosphere spoiled, team spirit was lost. We’ve always made a good team, I’ve been in that relay for years and that never happened. There is something not right. I can’t imagine standing with her on the treadmill and jogging together in the relay race – said the multimedia player at the World Championships and European Championships.

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Those words unnerved fans ahead of the women’s 4x400m relay, which usually competes successfully for a medal in big events. Other players Eja Baumgart-Witan and Natalia Kaczmarek sided with Święty-Ersetic.

Fortunately, it seems that a compromise has been reached and the Polish relay will take place in the strongest lineup – with Anna Kiełbasińska! Confirmation came from the team itself. This was done by Iga Baumgart-Witan, who posted an entry on Instagram on Thursday.

“I would note that our successors will come to an agreement and we will fight hand in hand for the highest goals. Comments that I have no class, that I piss someone off or that I do not respect my friends are unfair, because I only talked about formation once in a cultural way,” he said. About Anya’s words about her lack of mixed relay ”- wrote the Olympic champion from Tokyo in the mixed relay race.

Bydgoschanka appealed to fans for respect.

“We still respect ourselves, our results and our work, because each of us devotes all his life to running with the eagle on his chest! Every one! So much for ourselves and our fellow treadmills! No matter whether we love each other or not and whether we win or lose. Even if we are tormented by feelings. Good or bad ”- added Eja Baumgart-Witan.

“Let’s smoke on the treadmill and in front of the TVs” – this is how the 33-year-old athlete finished entering.

Iga Baumgart-Witan also congratulated Anna Kiubasinska on qualifying for the 400m final, and wishes her to break a lifetime record “that might award a medal”.

The qualifying round for the women’s relay race will take place at night from Saturday to Sunday (2.10 am). If the Polish women qualify for the finals, we will see them in a fight for the medals Sunday night (4.50 am). The women’s 4x400m relay is the last event at the World Championships in Eugene.

Below you can read the full post by Iga Baumgart-Witan.

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