Wojciek Kowalczyk warned Sports Minister.  The response was immediate.. football

The coming days will be full of sporting events at the National Stadium in Warsaw. Already on Thursday, great feelings will be presented by the Polish national team, which, as part of the League of Nations, will host competitors from the Netherlands in front of their fans. On Friday, the 2022 Football Festival will be held.

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Kowalczyk vs. Bortniczuk. Immediate response from the minister

The above event aims to jointly celebrate the unique jubilee won Polish representation The Olympic gold medal in Munich in 1972 and the silver medal of the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, ​​as well as the tenth anniversary of the opening of the largest stadium in Poland, the PGE National Stadium. Kazimierz Gorsky.

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As part of the event, a special match will be held between football Personnel Affairs The Olympic Games consisted of gold medalists from 1972 and silver medalists from 1992 and their team of friends. The first team will feature Wojciech Kowalczyk, a runner-up member from Barcelona. Pawe Janas became the coach of this team.

The following people were appointed to represent Friends: Kamil Bortnichuk, Swamir Petrzyk, Grzegorz Jordziewski, Andrei Tawarovski, Krzysztof Marciniak, Anthony Krulikowski, Rafai Masirak, Tomasz Zubilowicz, Viktor Davydowski, Surchikorzorzkowski Droz. , Marcin Paulic.

“You don’t have to be appointed twice. Thanks for the limiter! I’ll show up at the exact place and date” – the minister wrote sports Tourism and Bortniczuk on Twitter, thanked Cesare Colisa for the appointment, who in turn became the coach of the Friends team.

The politician received a reaction in the network from Wojciech Kowalczyk, who will play for the opposing team. “I have too [powołanie] And I advise you to put them on the boards, ”- wrote Kowalczyk, referring to the shoes. The minister replied in such a way that the shoes were really useful to him in the past. Wonderful, wonderful. Among us, I played in class A ”- answered Bortniczuk.

Kamil Bortniczuk will be able to remember the times he played with GKS Głuchołazy. – This is something special to me. Just three years ago, GKS played in Class A, and now we are in fourth place. league – He told “Fact” in 2019.

The duel will begin in time. 17.30. Two hours later, fans will watch the Poland-Portugal match. The 2022 Football Festival is organized by operator PGE Narodowy and the Mazovian Football Association.

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