June 9, 2023


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Without politics – Bogusław Linda about acting and working in the theater and on film sets

Bogusław told Linda Piotr Jacoń about the ethos of the profession, behind-the-scenes anecdotes and acting without frost. – Once, I was sitting with the students in their first class and telling them what they were going to do. This is an unforgiving profession. Basically, out of twenty or thirty people who come here, if one person makes a career, it will be a huge success. Do you think anyone would believe that? Well, no – said Linda, actress, director and educator. – After five or six years of being on stage, I’m just beginning to understand this profession. He stressed that what I was doing on stage was embarrassing. Why did he decide to pursue this profession? – I liked the fact that I would get flowers. They would be cute chicks that loved me. And I won’t have to do anything. He stressed that it was all a lie. Why Lying? – I thought you don’t have to work in this profession. Dear God how stupid you are. This is the most stressful job – he evaluated it. – If I’m going to be a full-time actor I have to go to the theater at 6 pm, sit in the dressing room in front of the mirror, look at my face, paint myself. Wonder how much you have to love yourself to do this your whole life. However, Linda has developed the rhythm of his work and says that this is the reason for staying in the profession. “I was the first theater actor to resign because he didn’t want a job,” he said. Piotr Jaco guest says about himself that he belongs to two cast members. Whoever shows his true feelings and finds his sides shameful, this is painful. Why the hell would you do that a second time? – He was asking. Does he also prefer life’s critical work styles? – I used to that in my life. I am traditional. I value stability very much, Bogoslav Linda said in Without Politics.

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