Wisoy Romick's life wasn't easy.  Zbigniew Bartosiewicz died under unfortunate circumstances
  • Zbigniew Bartosiewicz was born on January 2, 1930 in Warsaw
  • Despite the lack of acting education, his role in “Teddy Bear” earned him the fame of viewers. However, it wasn’t his acting debut
  • Bartosiewicz made his screen debut in the 1979 movie “Antiques”.
  • Over the years, he appeared in subsequent productions, until he decided to take a break for several years. He returned to work in 1997 on the occasion of the movie “The Story of the Prophet Elias from Versalin”.
  • Exactly on May 22, 1997, Bartosiewicz died in a stairwell. The cause of his death was alcoholic epilepsy. The actor was 67 years old
  • More information can be found on the Onet homepage

Movies Stanislaw Barriga Soon they became creative. However, we associate popular nicknames not only with a heavy dose of silly and grotesque humor, but also with a real galaxy of stars. Among them is a naturalist who in 1981 played the famous Banjo character. He had talent. It was a great sword, but it was impossible not to love it Director Krzysztof Wojciechowski stated years later. How was Bartosiewicz’s life before and after his performance in “Miś”?

Although he had no acting education, he quickly found himself in the industry. He made his debut in the movie “Antiques” by Krzysztof Wojciechowski in 1979. Two years later he appeared in the movie “Róg Brzeskiej i Capri”, playing his role in a way Smart hiker roaming Prague. After the movie Miś, Bartosiewicz appeared in a few productions “Scream”, “Dreams and Dreams” or “Alabama”.

Initially, the role of Wesołego Romek was given to Krzysztof Kości, who appeared with Bartosiewicz in “Rogu Brzeska i Capri”. I met Agnieszka Arnold, who was the second director of “Teddy” and she offered me the role of Wesołego Romek. I was glad, I somehow tried for a few days, but it did not suit me at all. This role was offered to Zbyszek, and he took a trip. And so it became known throughout Poland Khan al-Azem years later.

“Barłoga”, as friends called it Bartosiewicz, appeared in numerous film and television productions, and then disappeared for 13 years.

In 1997, he returned to plan He starred in “The Story of the Prophet Elias of Versalin”. Shortly thereafter, Bartosiewicz died of alcoholic epilepsy. The man died in unfortunate circumstances The place of his death was the staircase. The actor was 67 years old.

It was not a penny. There are no more people like him today. I miss him so much Krzysztof Kość called up years later.

Zbigniew Bartosiewicz was born on January 2, 1930 in Warsaw. In 1951, he graduated from the Eaglets School in Dęblin and became a pilot. Before appearing on screen, “Barłoga” tried his hand as a journalist in “Express Wieczorny” and on a billboard. For a short time, he also renovated apartments.

He was so successful in collecting orders that Bartosiewicz was able to purchase large quantities of alcohol without any problems. Krzysztof Koe stated that “Baruga” was a “trailman” who wandered with him and other actors along the pub road in Warsaw.

During his hiatus from acting for several years, Zbigniew Bartosiewicz found himself in a salesman’s career once again. This time he was collecting requests from the DDD industry – purge, purge, exterminate.

source: teleshow.wp.pl, fakt.pl, rp.pl

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