Wisow Krakow - Silesia Wroclaw.  Fans are tired of 6 conclusions after the match

This time he shot Jules. The coach talked about the new weapon, “Plan A” and “Plan B,” but this time he had to admit he had given up. He struggled for a long time to decide whether to put Michael Friedrich on the defensive midfielder again and risked a second time. In the match with Gornik, this solution gave him a victory, and Silesia contributed to the defeat.

goalless attackers. – Many would like to have strikers like us – said recently, David Błaszczykowski, President of Wisła. Today it looks more like a grim joke, because Felicio Brown Forbes scored the last goal nearly two months ago, and Jan Clement has been waiting two weeks longer for the hit.

Problem with numbers or something else? The Vistola authorities also confirm that the squad has good strikers and good wingers and that the whole squad looks very fit. However, the numbers are not behind it at all. We wrote about the strikers above, Peter Starczynski on the wing has no goal or assist, and Yao Yeboah and Michal Skvarka stopped scoring a few weeks ago. I think it’s time to ask the question, is it really just a pause…

The League Committee must intervene firmly. Unfortunately, we are already accustomed to the glow in Polish stadiums, as well as to the fact that matches are interrupted for a few minutes because of it. In addition, however, Silesian fans used bangs that shook the ears and could frighten the most sensitive people. For such behavior, the League Committee should be severely punished.

I’m tired of the stands. For the first time this season, Wiswa’s players clearly heard what the fans thought of their game. There were insults directed directly at the players, which meant crossing a certain line. The most tender hymn was about the shame of the Vistula.

However, there is one good news for Wisła. Namely, the fact that a group of relegation candidates has already formed quite a lot and despite the disastrous results recently (four points out of a possible 18), the specter of relegation does not catch the eye of the Jolla players. Krakowian has 14 points, seven points from the relegation zone.

Pewter Gower

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