Wisla Krakow series is underway.  The direction of PKO Ekstraklasa was chosen

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Wisła is unstoppable in the spring round. On Friday, the Krakowian team Skra Czestochowa was defeated 3: 0 in Pechatu, and it was clearly a better team than the opponent, which was struggling to stay in the first league of Fortuna.

Wisła Kraków wins it all in the spring. Spark recently woke up. The match in Bełchatów could have been a trap for the White Star with an unpredictable opponent, who left the last place in the Fortuna I league. White Star, in turn, is seeded in the play-off positions in the table, but aims for higher places.

Contrary to fears, the Skra players, who hosted Wisła in Bełchatów, were easy competitors for a relegation player from the PKO Ekstraklasa. At first, the guests attacked, but the people of Czestochowa didn’t allow the visitors to do much.

Both teams were looking for luck after long-distance shots, and Kraków players often. However, the accuracy left much to be desired. Wisła turned the first serious opportunity into a goal. In the 28th minute, James Egbekim saw Alex Mola and had no problems firing the ball past Sokra. Jakub Borszyn behaved badly in this situation, he was late to tackle and allowed the player from Krakow to play him.

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Five minutes later, the visitors should have doubled their lead when Ángel Rodado slammed in from quick work. Burztyn saved the home team. A moment later, Luis Fernandez attempted to head off the post.

By the end of the first half, Wisła didn’t let the opponents do much, and the guests had the skirmishes in Bełchatów under control. The match looked the same after changing teams. In the second installment, the Krakow team quickly closed the match. In the 53rd minute, Rodado received the ball in the penalty area. Moments later, the ball was in the goal. It turned out that she bounced off Matthews from a walker and fell into the net.

Passions ended in the 62nd minute. Once again, the hosts’ defense failed miserably. Fernandez’s play against Micky Villar boosted Wiswa’s lead.

At the top of the team, the Krakow team saved the opponent, who did not believe in the possibility of making up for the losses. There was plenty of disruption under the goals, but neither team could seriously threaten the opposition.

Wisla Krakow accelerates. The White Star is unstoppable. Currently, the team led by Radosław Sobolewski is ranked third and lost three points to Ruch Chorzów. In turn, the leader, ŁKS Ludo, is five years old. On Sunday, the leading teams of the league will play in Gliwice.

Skra Czestochowa – Wisla Krakow 0: 3 (0: 1)
0:1 – Alex Mola 28′
0:2 – Matthews Treadmill (Unit) 53′
0:3 – Mike Villar 62′


Skra Czestochowa: Jakub Bursztyn – Mateusz Matcha, Adam Christ, Benjamin Zajka – Jan Flack (62′ Mateusz Winicirsz), Grajjan Jarosz (57′ Piotr Berdu), Bartosz Baranovic (46′ Przemyslao Sajdak), Adam Olejnik (90 + 1′ Bawick) Kamel Lokosik – Piotr Nowkowi – Jacob Sangowski.

Wisla Krakow: Mikołaj Biegański – David Junka, Igor Česicki, Boris Moltenice, Bartosz Jarosz – Taci (82′ Wiktor Szywacz), James Igbekeme (66′ Kacper Duda) – Miky Villar (75′ Michał Żyro), Luis Fernandez, Alex Mula (82′ Mate ) Młyński) – Angel Rodado (75′ Sergio Benito).

Judge: Patrick Grekiewicz (Torun).

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