January 31, 2023


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Wirtualna Polska - Everything is important

Wirtualna Polska – Everything is important

Italy cannot consider this Monday a success. On October 11, a round-the-clock transport strike was announced. Many independent trade unions are protesting.

The strike was announced in Italy under the slogan of demands to improve wage and safety conditions at work, and to strengthen the public transport fleet.

Italy faces strikes

Moreover, it is a protest against the policies of Mario Draghi government. According to the unionists, the burden of the country’s problems has shifted to the shoulders of the workers.

In Rome, a demonstration of trade unionists was organized in the center, which added to the problems of traffic jams on the streets. One metro line is down and the other two have a limited number of trains. Difficulties have also been noted in other cities of the country. A metro station in Naples is closed.

Most importantly, the strike organizers worked to ensure that public transportation was operating during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

Italy with many disabilities. Airlines are also striking

Not only ground aircraft carriers are on strike. Alitalia, which will soon be converted into a new company called ITA (Italia Trasporto Aereo), announced on Monday that 127 domestic and international flights scheduled for that day were canceled, in addition to 11 scheduled for Tuesday, October 12.

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