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Car concerns have a growing problem. Due to the global shortage of semiconductors, they have to limit production. For this reason, the Skoda concern may have to suspend vehicle production until the end of the year, according to the Summer Institute for Automotive Market Research.

About failure due to missing components Taught, among others, Toyota and Volkswagen. Recently, for this reason, production has been limited, among others, by such: General Motors, Ford, Stellants, Tesla, as well as BMW and Daimler.

Skoda has now also announced the suspension of production. The COVID-19 epidemic in Asia has forced domestic semiconductor manufacturers to cut production. This affects the entire automotive industry, many competitors have closed their plants by the end of 2021 – said IBRM Samar Klaudyna Gorzan, responsible for the Skoda brand PR at Volkswagen Group Polska.

The dramatic effects of floods in Germany. Inside a luxury car showroom

In her opinion, worried Škoda is also unable to protect itself from the global crisis. – We have to reduce our production significantly from the 42nd week, and maybe until the end of the year, and we may have to stop it completely – the spokeswoman adds.

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