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Rating agency Fitch took a closer look at Poland and assessed the solvency of our country. The rating remained unchanged at “A-” with a stable outlook. This means that Poland remains a reliable partner for foreign investors. However, Fitch emphasizes that risks to Poland’s fiscal transparency have increased, and also writes about the reasons for the 5%. inflation.

Fitch has maintained Poland’s rating at “A-“. This is the seventh highest score on a 20-point scale.

In addition, the rating expectations of “stable” were confirmed, which means that in the absence of significant changes, there is no risk of downgrading Poland in the near future.

When making a rating assessment, experts consider, inter alia, about the financial, economic and political situation in the country. And all this to give guidance to investors from all over the world on whether the country is a reliable partner and whether it is able to fulfill it.

“The stable rating outlook reflects the resilience of the Polish economy to pandemic-related shocks, the expected support for economic growth from the EU Reconstruction Fund, and the agency’s forecast that after a strong deterioration in the budget deficit and public debt levels in 2020, both indicators will improve in 2021” – we read In a Fitch report.

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